Courage is what it takes……

Recently my attention was drawn to the planning of Winston Churchill’s funeral as a friend had commented that he had been involved in the procession back in 1965. Churchill’s funeral was planned in meticulous detail due to the scale and significance of the event. The funeral allowed recognition of this national leader, acknowledged Churchill’s wishes and his service to the country.

The planning of a funeral is not just for highly complex and very public ones. I believe the planning of a funeral is important for all people to consider.

The increasing cost of a funeral

Firstly, there is an increasing rise in the cost of funerals, which is exceeding the annual rate of inflation. SunLife produce a report called the Cost of Dying and in the 15 years that they have produced it there has been a 122% rise in the cost of a basic funeral. Many families who have budgeted by traditional means are no longer having sufficient funds to cover the cost. It saddens me, but I understand why, people are needing to turn to crowd funding to provide the required finances.

A funeral plan can give peace of mind.  Knowing that no matter how long a person lives or how much the funeral director’s fees are when you pass away that the loved ones, that you leave behind, will not have anything more to pay towards those funeral director’s fees.

Peace of mind

Secondly, there is the planning of the actual funeral. By having made decisions ahead of time you can spare your family from having to make difficult decisions as to what your preference for your funeral would be. Having worked as a nurse I have seen so many people thrown into grief and not knowing what steps to take.


A final act of love

Some consider thinking of their demise and planning a funeral is morbid or wishing it to happen- others think it is a final act of love for those left behind. I think I agree with the latter.

Start talking…..

Avoiding talking about death can lead to costly lack of financial planning and additional stress for the family. So take heed from Churchill and remember that




Courage is what it takes to stand up and speak. Courage is also what it takes to sit down and listen.

If you would like a word cloud list of words that you could use to trigger discussion with your family or for your own reflection, then please use the contact sheet below and it will be e-mailed to you.

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