Too young?

My aim is to get people in 2019 to start talking about their funeral. One of the main barriers to this communication is that people feel that they are too young and will leave it until they are older.

I get that… and if honest it has also been one of my personal thoughts. We can all be guilty of pigeon-holing death into old age as that is when it should occur, but sadly that can leave many unprepared.

Over 50?

The media promote over fifty funeral saving plans and yes if you have not thought about your funeral at that age then maybe you should. However, I am in my fifties and I do not feel old and in many ways life changes and can get more exciting.

I do know, nevertheless, that fifty has crept up very fast and it only seems two minutes ago that we were celebrating the Millennium. Where have those 19 years gone?

I was recently told as well that each of us averages four thousand weekends in our lifetime. That does not seem enough to me. Would we use our time more wisely if we knew how quickly it went?

Personal Conclusion

I have therefore drawn the conclusion that leaving things to later can catch us out as time flies by. I am not suggesting (unless you want to) that you sit and plan the whole of your funeral but please give it some thought. These simple questions could help…


Where would you like your funeral held?


Are you considering a burial or cremation?


Is it to celebrate your life or to be more modest or respectful?


What will the service include (songs, music, readings, poems)?


Who would you like to lead your service and who would you like to attend?


The only word that we cannot answer is When?

Nonetheless, when your funeral is needed you will have peace of mind and it will help your friends and relatives to remember you in the way that you wanted and with no financial pressure for them if you have also invested in a financial funeral plan.


If you would like a word cloud list of words that you could use to support further discussion with your family or for your own reflection, then please use the contact sheet below and it will be e-mailed to you.


Likewise, if you would like to discuss arranging a funeral plan or have any questions then please contact us and we will arrange a free, no obligation discussion.



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